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Canadian Winter

Deep in the heart of Ontario, in Winter 2009, four souls combined to tell a story. A story of sudden blizzards, thin crust pizza – extra cheese, pepperoni, half pineapple, half red onion – whiskey, alienation, Tim Horton's coffee, chipmunk infestation, rum, love in the tundra, bewilderment, family and music.  The original line up of DJ Johnny Fever (cuts), Kojo B. Chintoh (percussion), Kobi (vocals) and Scotty P (guitar/bass), formed Canadian Winter. A number of chance meetings led to the group forming in Hamilton and they have since set about musically chronicling Kobi's arrival and subsequent stay in the country. 
Working alongside producers such as Supa83, Slow Hand Motëm and Cheese Shop Paddy, the band won the Hamilton Music Award for Hip-Hop Recording Of The Year for their debut album Just Wait Till February.

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