King Park

King Park is Timon Moolman (rhythm guitar, lead vocals), Tristan Persaud (lead guitar, backing vocals), Ty Heemskerk (bass, backing vocals) and Daniel Jamaquio (percussion). Formed in a tiny basement in September of 2011, this group of long-time friends, centered in Hamilton ON, has recently solidified their identity as King Park and offer a fresh take on the alternative rock and post-hardcore genres. When frontman Timon found and played with musicians with similar journeys of musical influence during his college years, this quartet came together. The four are collectively inspired by a range of genres—from pop-punk intensity (Blink 182) to emotive acoustic indie (Damien Rice, Right Away Great Captain) to clean, lyrically potent alternative rock (Radiohead, Manchester Orchestra) all the way to charged up post-hardcore and hardcore (Counterparts, As Cities Burn, Brand New, Architects, Pianos Become the Teeth)—and together brought the genre-bending and innovative King Park to fruition. Timon’s catchy yet poetic lyrics, often delivered in a raw, almost spoken-word style, are enriched by multiple layers of harmonies from his backup singers. These lyrics and melodies are perfectly complemented by Tristan’s guitar work—a mix of gritty solos and soaring, effect-heavy counter melodies. The rhythm section brings all of the charge and head-banging potential with Daniel’s relentlessly energetic and metrically precise beats meeting Ty’s fat, in-the-pocket style. 

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