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The Altobeelays

Founded at Mohawk College in 2009, The Altobeelays are a live music experience fusing elements of rock, hip hop, and funk for a sound as unique and captivating as the city they hail from. Featuring vocalist Dan Weiss, keyboardist and vocalist Chris Bruder, guitarist Scott McIntosh, bassist Tom Altobelli, and drummer Jordan Snider, they are a musical force to be reckoned with. Their energetic form of psychedelic power funk has received praise from the likes of Alan Cross and Alice Cooper.  In December 2017, The Altobeelays collaborated with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra for an instalment of the Indie Series. As part of that concert event, HPO Principal Bass and artistic lead Rob Wolanski and Hamilton-based composer Christien Ledroit created innovative cross-genre works for The Altobeelays and a chamber ensemble of the HPO. (Ledroit describes the Altobeelays’ sound as “a cross between Parliament, the Beastie Boys and a less-angry Rage Against the Machine, though I’m sure they’d add several more influences to that.”) The group will revisit that collaboration at Supercrawl 2018 when they team up again with the HPO.

Supercrawl Insiders

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