Nick Wallace

A Master of subtle illusion and manipulation.  A gifted story teller. Pure evil wrapped in Mr. Rodger's sweater. Nick Wallace can best be described as a minimalist — who has forgone fancy props and special effects and prefers to conjure with an audiences imagination by presenting magic and mind reading in a way that is both entertaining and thought provoking. Recently, he competed against entertainers from across the country, and received top honours from the Canadian Association of Magicians, making him the Canadian Champion of Magic.

During Supercrawl, Wallace will favour audiences with a conceptual performance piece called The Trick That Fooled Houdini that will be repeated throughout the day. As the title suggests, the piece is anchored in history. In 1922 Harry Houdini was at the top of his game – the most famous magician the world had ever known. He was transitioning from performing escapes and magic, to debunking fraudulent spirit mediums. He publicly bragged that he could figure out any illusion if he was allowed to view it three times. At that same time a young Canadian magician named Dai Vernon was visiting Chicago. Vernon was one of the finest card handlers in the world, and yet at this time was completely unknown. A mutual friend introduced the two, and urged Vernon to show Houdini a card trick. Vernon obliged, and calmly showed him a simple trick. The over confident Houdini was taken back. He asked if he could see it again. Vernon calmly and slowly did it a second time. Houdini had no idea how it was done. A cowed had gathered, and a roar rippled through the room as Houdini asked for one more chance. Vernon agreed, and did it a third time (and then four more times after that). Houdini was completely stumped. After this day, Dai Vernon was billed as “The man who fooled Houdini” and went on to become the most influential magician of the 20th century. 

Supercrawl Insiders

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