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SJAM Dance Theatre

The student dance crew at Hamilton's Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary (slated to close in June 2019), SJAM Dance Theatre is made up of approximately 15 high school students aged 15 -18 years who love to dance and are skilled in the areas of bboy/bgirl, hip hop and Kpop dance styles. Several members are “self-taught” and have demonstrated creativity in their choreography and movement techniques. The students make beautiful connection to sound and music, much of which they mix themselves. Their choreography sometimes tells a story, features visually appealing group work or showcases individual talent in musicality. Every time they take the stage, their passion for sharing dance is vivid and moving. These young people have true passion for dance, respect for the art and a desire to connect with their audiences on a sublime level. The crew's dancers are innovative, experimental, quirky and consistently willing to hone their craft.

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