Circus Orange

Circus Orange is a unique hybrid — both a live action performance company and a full-service supplier of pyrotechnics, special effects, stunts and rigging. Their reputation is founded on the artful integration of circus, dance, acting and aerial arts with dazzling fire, pyrotechnics and special effects. Festival audiences will attest to the company’s ability to meld these elements so intimately that the line between performance and technology blurs, leaving behind only pure entertainment and wonder.

Circus Orange’s outdoor stage-based show incorporates circus arts, dance, theatre, aerial and pyrotechnics to fantastic effect. At Supercrawl 2018, they will stage a soaring 40-minute circus spectacular that showcases all of the company’s eclectic skills and signature touches, featuring elements of lyrical aerial and strap work, fire dance, high-flying crane numbers, extravagant set pieces, lasers and of course plenty of pyrotechnics. Circus Orange’s much-loved sensory spectaculars follow in the tradition of grand-scale European street theatre and take over the heart of Supercrawl on Saturday night, when all other festival stages go dark to accommodate the massive crowds that gather to watch creativity rocketing into the starry sky. 

A breathtaking blend of pyrotechnic displays, eye-popping special effects, graceful aerial artistry and gymnastic stuntwork, Circus Orange marries these complementary elements into a singular entertainment experience that stops people in their tracks. Not to be missed!

Supercrawl Insiders

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