The Dill

After years of playing in several bands, Dylan Hudecki has finally made his first solo record, and it’s 52 songs long. He’s the co-founder of Junior Blue (a project with Broken Social Scene’s drummer Justin Peroff), an ex-By Divine Right member, the front man of Cowlick, the bass player for High Kites, and has also scored films and commercials, remixed songs and made ambient music to fall asleep to. He is now tapping into a lifetime of experiences, highs and lows and has made his first solo album using songs he sketched out as early as 2000. Dylan has made good use of his talented friends (over 50 musicians), who played on the songs and helped him finish the daunting project which would be hard to do alone. They brought their unique talents, their special ingredients to his music adding substance, character and intrigue to the songs. Instead of a conventional release, Dylan finished 52 of his songs and is streaming one a week for the whole year of 2016. To accompany the songs as a visual component to his YouTube video release, he's compiled a deck of 52 custom cards, made by over 45 Canadian artists that correspond visually with each song. 52 songs, 52 weeks, 52 cards. An ambitious project to say the least, but if anyone's up for the challenge it's Hamilton's own "The Dill".

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