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Toronto’s Zeus deliver memorable sets of deeply introspective pop and spirited rock, encapsulated on three albums and EP since 2009, in addition to serving as backing band for Jason Collett. By early summer 2013, the songwriting trio of Neil Quin, Mike O'Brien, and Carlin Nicholson, with drummer Rob Drake, had toured their acclaimed sophomore release Busting Visions (2012) all the way to a crossroads; relationships frayed and the future of the band uncertain.  Instead of dissolution, the band embraced exhaustion, returning to its East Toronto studio to begin on the follow- up to Busting Visions, which earned accolades from New York Times, Rolling Stone, SPIN, KCRW, and NPR. Whereas divergent paths had begun to pull Zeus apart both musically and personally, mutual respect and hunger for exploration brought them back together. Months of musical and technical experimentation, redefining the limitations of their Ill Eagle Studios, yielded new songs and sounds that reflect the broadening perspective of "classic" Zeus, with stronger unity and more definite form than ever before. The resulting album, Classic Zeus, is a peerless rejuvenation: a marvellous intersection of tension and harmony; newfangled in its dazzling personality, but unabashedly anchored to Zeus' ear for that essential pop aura. Classic Zeus recounts the considerable distance the band has traveled across its first three uniquely collaborative albums. Zeus' most dynamic and focused record to date, it’s a truly collective effort of singular vision, despite wearing the strains of diversity on its sleeve.  

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