Pollinators Paradise

Did you know that pollinators and trees need each other? And that oak trees provide support for over 500 butterflies and moths? At the Pollinators Paradise Project table in the Toyota Family Zone, friendly and knowledgeable volunteers from Environment Hamilton and Hamilton Naturalists Club will be hosting a trivia game all about our area's various pollinators. Through this game shaped as a bee box, they want to spread the word about native solitary bees — not all bees sting! All are welcome to participate and learn more about birds, bees, butterflies and trees. And as an added a bonus, you will receive a prize that grows and grows.

Environment Hamilton (a not-for-profit, environmental organization) and Hamilton Naturalists Club (a registered charity focused on protecting nature) have partnered together to create their Pollinators Paradise Project. Through this initiative, they have organized various hands-on events and workshops all focussed on boosting biodiversity and supporting local native pollinators. Project goals include educating on the challenges our pollinators face, increasing pollinator habitats in our City, and highlighting the importance of pollinators. Find out what plants, pollinators and animals are in Hamilton. Check out our trivia game and help us pick Hamilton's pollinator at a booth that's both educational and fun. 

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