Culture for Kids in the Arts

Culture for Kids in the Arts (CKA) presents Artasia 2018 #HereWeArt at Supercrawl 2018.

Can you imagine changing your neighborhood through art and technology? Connect with hundreds of other children and young people from all over the region and make hands-on art about the places where you live. Explore kids' "storyboxes" in our augmented reality exhibition, meet the superheroes and sidekicks of Artasia, and play "imagine if" on a giant map. Don't forget to take a #HereWeArt selfie with the big red Artasia place marker.

This interactive installation features integrated sculptural and digital artwork to celebrate the artistic and civic achievements of children and youth. Expanding children’s civic awareness, #HereWeArt connects kids from many neighborhoods to each other. This year’s Artasia Supercrawl installation is the outcome of kids sharing their art, ideas, and process across 14 regional sites. A series of 14 place pins, created by area youth, orbit around a large central place pin under the York Boulevard bridge. Each satellite pin marks the coordinates for an augmented reality portal, housing kids’ artistic visions. Pixel art, stop motion animation, and a neighborhood “story box” are accessed via QuestAR, a smartphone app developed in partnership with a team at McMaster University.

The central #HereWeArt place pin projects children’s voices through a short film, and anchors a series of tactile and virtual mapping activities, encouraging guests to share their own neighborhood stories and dreams. Artasia 2018 empowers children through arts and technology to make their thinking visible, to build bridges of awareness between neighborhoods, and to bring us closer together. As part of CKA’s three year “glocal” initiative, #HereWeArt is the first of several arts-and-technology
oriented programs, set to culminate in 2020 with an international focus on inclusion and belonging.

Supercrawl Insiders

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