The Eye of Faith

The Eye of Faith is thrilled to be back presenting on the Fashion Zone Stage for Supercrawl’s tenth anniversary!  A multidisciplinary brand founded on the eve of 11/11/11; co-founders Paul Heaton and Aaron Duarte strive to bring the best of the {past} to the {present} to shape the {future}. Starting with their vintage style blog, their musings quickly began reaching the far ends of the globe, and the duo began selling high quality style-wise vintage finds online. Their unique brand has since been featured on Refinery29, TorontoLife Magazine, The Hamilton Spectator, and more! Their vintage has been featured on the backs of international artists, members of Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List, and purchased by major fashion houses such as Yves Saint-Laurent and Marc Jacobs. After several years in the vintage world, the two embarked on a new voyage into the world of fashion design. Inspired by their work with vintage clothing, and the many unique pieces that went through their hands, the pair delve into the plethora of inspiration they have gathered over the years to create unique, one of a kind, handmade pieces that are sure to turn heads and keep your style game ahead of the pack. 

Supercrawl Insiders

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