Materials Camp

Smartphones, space travel, artificial joints, hybrid electric cars – all are only possible because of new materials. Visit the  ASM Materials Camp booth and explore how materials are engineered to change the way they behave and allow us to design exciting new products. See how metals are made stronger and tougher, a piece of glass can be both tough and weak, a superconductor can levitate against gravity, copper can be turned into gold, and a piece of wire can have memory with hands on demonstrations.

ASM Materials Camp excites and engages young, aspiring minds. Camps are offered at no cost to attendees thanks to the generous contributions to ASM Materials Education Foundation, which provides for hands-on, discovery-based learning that fosters the advancement of scientific and engineering knowledge through its support of STEM education and research. Student camp volunteers take great pride in influencing the next generation of engineers and scientists.

Supercrawl Insiders

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