To Our Divide

To Our Divide started out as two dudes jamming in the basement of Dorm 12 at Redeemer University College. Daniel Jumaquio and Timon were very different people back then, Daniel with his buzz cut and clean shaven face and Timon with his faux-hawk and 170 pound frame. However, one thing that has stayed the same is their love and passion for creating music together. To Our Divide was formed after many different line-up changes, band name changes and genre changes. Timon decided that it would be easiest if he surrounded himself with four Daniels. But then he met Tristan Persaud and knew that he had to play guitar for TOD. As compensation, TOD acquired two Dan's and two Tristans: Dan VandenBoogaard was chosen because of his recent victory at the national guitar hero championships and Tristan Kaarid was chosen because dang, that guy is cool. And so To Our Divide came into being.  

Supercrawl Insiders

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