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The History of Fashion with Madison Watson

Surveying women's fashion from across the centuries, "The History of Fashion" will feature models in period garments, and look at the evolution of clothing, beauty, and its perception in society. The showcase is hosted by Madison Watson, who has been a sewer since childhood, and began focusing on historical and cosplay costumes during university. She has a degree in History from McMaster University, and is currently taking courses at George Brown College in Toronto for fashion design. She has a keen interest in the study of historical dress of all time periods, and especially enjoys recreating period garments with as much accuracy as possible. In her spare time she also attends comic book conventions and enjoys the challenge of making costumes based off pictures of her favourite comic book characters. She loves the creativity her passion allows her, the fascinating research component of costuming, and all the mind-numbing hand stitching she can do without her fingers falling off.

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