Cha Nimke Nagwagin Kwe

Cha Nimke Nagwagin Kwe, also known as Jasmin Glaw, is a self-driven Indigenous artist and youth advocate of Algonquin and German decent from Hamilton, Ontario.  Much of her childhood was spent between her home in Hamilton and her mother's home community of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation. From a young age she found solace in an unconscious awareness of her identity through Jingle Dress dancing and within the Pow Wow ceremony as a whole. Having been the next generation of children who were not raised on-reserve and with a lack of exposure to traditional knowledge, she was motivated to become the self-driven artist that she is today. As a visual/textile artist, she draws her inspiration from dreams, a place of which she feels the outside world has little influence and her spirit is left to wander free. Much of her work is centralized around the themes of identity, belonging and the teachings of the strawberry. Some of her longer-term goals are to help motivate and encourage Indigenous youth to invest more time in learning more about culture and traditional languages; empower mixed race Indigenous peoples to stand proud in their identity; as well as to further integrate traditional knowledge into her artwork.

The Missing Heart is a textile design/artistic advocacy piece created by Cha Nimke Nagwagin Kwe that uses Traditional Jingle Dress Regalia to create a platform for awareness of the current crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) in Canada. Through this piece of artistic advocacy, the artist hopes to further impress the importance of a well-intentioned national inquiry so that the families of the MMIWG are met with peace and that the spirits of their lost ones are no longer wandering, but rather found and guided to the Creator. Join us for showcase of Indigenous culture through a dance demonstration and talk from the artist.

Sun Sept 10 • 3:15pm • Makers Market Fashion Tent (James St. N. & Murray St.)

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