Lissa Hill Leather

Lissa Hill Leather brings together the designer’s personal passion of motorcycles, leather, and rock and roll. Her primary focus is on women riders, creating beautiful well-fit leathers that look feminine while protecting the rider from the road. Hill designs from a fashion background, and as a rider. The result is a unique line that protects women from the road with style.In addition to designing and creating women’s leathers, Hill also creates many one-of-a-kind mens’ vests. These gentlemen wear their vests with pride every day and on rides and many events throughout the year. If you see a guy with a vest and patches, odds are he's wearing a Lissa Hill Leather vest. Hill’s attention to detail has earned her distinction as the lone Canadian distributor of Lil Joe’s Leather vests; the Versace of the motorcycle world, they're familiar to most as those worn on the F/X show Sons of Anarchy. Lissa Hill Leather’s Supercrawl showcase, Dark Angels, is defined by black feathers, leather and exotic skins & furs. Steeltown Garage T-shirts and gloves accent luxurious leather and suede and velvet...expect the unexpected.

Supercrawl Insiders

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