Sandi Hartling

Sandi Hartling's Paradise Mirage is an extension of the artist's recent work exploring perception and the conditionality of truth through optics and philosophical inquiry. The piece reflects herinterest in the nature of interpretation in relation to the processing of visual information. The text “sense first reflect later” is based on an explanation of Locke’s theory of knowledge; that internal reflection on perceptions of experience through the senses are the foundation for ideas. In combining this text with a desert mirage disguised as an inviting beachside paradise, the work acts as a ruse. While the landscape and text may appear fun and friendly — interpreted perhaps as to invite an immediacy of experience — the work suggests there may be danger in trusting our senses or judgement so quickly. Our bodies can mislead us in assumptions of meaning or interpretation.

Sandi Hartling is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Her work explores the philosophical and scientific perceptions of truth and its application in systems of classification. Her interest in knowledge acquisition often translates into installation, performance, documentation, and text based work. Although the work strives for simplicity in format it complicates understanding through the application of abstract communication. In this way, the work is inherently humorous and results in often comical and anticlimactic outcomes.

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