Foamparty grab

Kids' Foam Party

Bubbles are magic — they can even make bath time enjoyable! Everyone knows more bubbles means more fun, so the Tim Hortons  Family Zone hosts a giant Foam Party in a 1,600 square foot inflatable pit filled with a sea of foam. It's non-toxic, dermatologically tested, biodegradable — just good clean fun!

If you plan on going in, know that you'll get wet and plan accordingly — bring towels and a change of clothes, and leave cell phones and other electronic devices outside, along with toys, bottles, cans, sharp objects, wallets/purses and keys. But you don't even have to take a dip to have a blast — it's almost as much fun to watch as it is to get foamy!

Supercrawl's Tim Hortons Family Zone will feature Foam Parties daily on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, with brief intermissions to allow for crew to re-foam the pit and a new round of bubble-lovers to gather. 

Supercrawl Insiders

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