Culture for Kids in the Arts

Culture for Kids in the Arts (CKA) presents Artasia in partnership with the Pen Pal Project featuring I Have a Right. This project follows the development of the City of Hamilton Charter of Rights of Children and Youth, by the Children and Youth of Hamilton, published in 2015. CKA values children’s voices and participation in the community, and will bring the Charter of Rights to life in a variety of ways.

CKA's Rightsbot, located under the bridge on York Street in the Meridian Family Zone, will provide the opportunity to respond to enlightening postcards written by children to notable Canadians like poet and playwright George Elliott Clarke and George Pettit of Alexisonfire/Dead Tired. These correspondences bring deep, thoughtful, often humorous reflections about the charter of rights, to be explored and activated via digital means and social media.

Kids and families are also invited to try to find intervention art work sprinkled throughout the festival, displaying Rights Posters that invite adults to take action. Near the bridge you will also find two CKA activity tents where the public have the opportunity to participate in arts based activities including button-making pledges and an interactive participatory responsibilities puzzle.

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