INDUSTRY is Rick Banville, Claire Calnan, Anna Chatterton, Matthew MacFadzean, Marilo Nuñez, and Christopher Stanton. The brainchild of six veterans of Canadian theatre who found themselves living in and loving Hamilton, and wanting to carve out a place in this city’s theatrical landscape. With hundreds of productions between them, from pop-ups to Stratford, from coast to coast and around the world, with experience ranging from acting to directing to technical direction to all aspects of production, INDUSTRY is poised to become a leading voice in Hamilton theatre. 
Like the city, INDUSTRY promises something new and ambitious, with an eye to creating pieces and running itself in ways that break from traditional theatre models. But INDUSTRY promises more than an idea, it promises events. When you go to an Industry show, you’re not just seeing a play, you’re part of an experience. INDUSTRY is working to provide a modern, professional, competitive, challenging and entertaining approach to theatre. INDUSTRY wants to offer an evolving city an evolving theatre, and create a reputation for quality and innovation that will drive people down the highway to something they can’t get in Toronto. It’s theatre for the new Hamilton.

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