Unfiltered Facts

Unfiltered Facts will be providing interactive, hands-on public education to children and families, and advocating for parents to support a health policy designed to protect kids and teens from seeing smoking in youth-rated Hollywood films. The games will be educational and interactive and increase awareness of the manipulative marketing tactics used by the Tobacco Industry to hook youth on their products.

At their booth in the Tim Hortons Family Zone, UF youth mentors and parent volunteers will be giving out free popcorn, fidget spinners, ice packs and other youth-selected promotional items. In addition, the campaign targets parents with children dressed as superheroes. Building on this theme, the UF team will be providing kits for kids to make their own superhero mask or cape and then take their picture with a 3D cutout to post on social media. There will also be a colouring station and grand prize giveaway for children to win movie passes or other fun kid-centred prizes. 

Supercrawl Insiders

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