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Dave Hind

Raising a barn was once the most involved of all community activities across rural Ontario. The process brought together neighbours, families, friends, and sometimes strangers, to create not just essential infrastructure, but also to reinforce an agricultural tradition of cooperation and community-reliance. Dave Hind’s Raising the Barn, a community-built public artwork, aims to honour and celebrate the farmers in and around Hamilton. In addition it aspires to illustrate the importance of the Market to connect these food producers with the public. Over 40 portraits of local farmers and food enthusiasts were created by a multitude of local artists by scratching and grinding into recycled aluminum siding. 

Raising the Barn
Dave Hind, the Aluminum Quilting Society, and the community of Hamilton       
Up-cycled aluminum and steel, steel, galvanizing, and cedar

Supercrawl Insiders

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