Steve Haining

Photographer Steve Haining of Hamilton's CreateOf Studio will operate an open-air photo studio, capturing spontaneous portraits of festival-goers during Supercrawl. Haining will take people off the street, capture them in his custom set with full production lighting and photograph them the way he would shoot for a big client. It's a concept he has staged memorably at the JUNOs and MMVA, and as part of his interactive art project at Supercrawl he will give anyone who signs a release on the photos a free copy of their print.

Born and raised in Hamilton, Steve Haining is a multi-award winning commercial & editorial photographer as well as a well respected creative director. A former Director of Still Photography and Motion at Banko Media, Haining left that position to start CreateOf, converting a 1920s-era bank into a fully equipped multi-studio co-working space for upcoming and established photographers and videographers to grow and develop their brands.

Haining has spent the last five years traveling the globe working for clients and brands in over 15 countries. With a passion for charity work, he can often be found spending his free time with non profits like Blueprint for life, Dreamcatcher Foundation, North American Surfing Doctors, Amigo Skate Cuba, F-Cancer and Meet Me In Africa.  

Haining will also present a talk at the Authors Tent at 3pm on Sun Sept 10, sharing his experiences as a globe-trotting photographer.

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