David Nickle

David Nickle is a Toronto-based author and journalist whose fiction has appeared in magazines and anthologies like Cemetery Dance, The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, the Northern Frightsseries and the Queer Fear series. Some of it has been collected in his book of stories, Monstrous Affections. His first solo novel, Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism, led the National Post to call him “a worthy heir to the mantle of Stephen King.” His novel Rasputin’s Bastards was called supernatural eeriness at its best. The novel The ‘Geisters was published in 2013, followed by the collection Knife Fight and Other Struggles. Eutopia’s sequel, Volk: A Novel of Radiant Abomination, was published in 2017 via ChiZine Publications.

[Volk is] a nailbiter of an action novel that is spooky as hell, a critical and sharp demolition of Lovecraft’s own romanticization of eugenics, a notion that Nickle demolishes with Lovecraft’s own tools—very satisfying indeed.”

“[Volk is a] political, psychological and philosophical allegory of depth and ambition.”
—Hamilton Spectator

“[Volk is] a bold, but natural progression for the story, with an ending that hints at much more to come.”

“Nickle has carved a path for himself as a pre-eminent author of speculative fiction. He covers a vast literary cross-section, but does so free of clutter. While this work is certainly a political treatise against oppressive entities and their dreadful acts, Nickle never loses sight of the dark poetry inherent in the genre, nor does he overlook simply spinning a good yarn. For all the expanded scope and complexity of ideas and story structure, Volk remains accessible.”
—Cemetery Dance

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