Hiba Abdallah

Hiba Abdallah’s In Retrospect is a text-based billboard that offers a public observation and declaration. The statement aims to provide a jump off point for questions rooted in the critical and vital consideration of the current and future state of our communities. Where we are we now? What are we hoping to change? What are we willing to fight for?

Hiba Abdallah is an artist and organizer who frequently works with others. Her projects are embedded in social practice and often use text as a way of exploring topics of locality and civic agency. Abdallah received her BFA from the University of Windsor in 2012 and MFA from the University of Guelph in 2017. Recent exhibitions and public projects include “Everything I Wanted to Tell You” for Nuit Blanche Scarborough, “Neighbourhood Trust” with Lakeshore Arts and Myseum Toronto, “It can only be this place” at the Doris McCarthy Gallery, “Rehearsing Disagreement” for the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto, and “A List of Antagonisms” at Centre[3] in Hamilton.

In Retrospect is presented in association with The McMaster Museum of Art in support of public art initiatives at McMaster University and throughout the city of Hamilton.

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