Joyce Grant

Joyce Grant is a freelance journalist actively involved in literacy. She is the editor of Getting Kids Reading, a non-profit website that works to stimulate a love of reading in children. Grant is also co-founder of the website Teaching Kids News, which offers free daily kid-friendly news.

In Grant’s first picture book, Gabby, the quirky, likeable title character discovers that her alphabet book has a magical quality. Its letters can be used to create anything she likes. When Gabby puts the letters together to create a cat and its natural enemy, Gabby has to think fast! Can she get everyone to become friends?

Grant followed that critically acclaimed book with Gabby series instalments Gabby Drama Queen and Gabby Wonder Girl (the latter an exploration and celebration of girl power). The initial book enters paperback this September via Fitzhenry & Whiteside.

Grant has also written a baseball novel. Tagged Out (Lorimer, 2016) set in Christie Pits and focused on a young baseball team. It was followed up with a sequel, Sliding Home, in 2018.

Praise for Gabby:

“Gabby is a colourful and animated picture book that will engage children through its bright illustrations and imaginative text. The story also functions as a creative lesson in how to spell and attach meaning to words.” —CM Magazine
“A charming read-aloud story ideal for getting little ones interested in forming their own spelled-out words. Highly recommended.” —Midwest Book Review (The Picturebook Shelf)
“Look at this little cutie! Could it be a junior Pippi? No, this little one is Gabby and she’s much more grounded and responsible, but still imaginative.” —CanLit For Little Canadians
“The connection between words and the real things they represent is playfully presented in this first book by journalist and editor Joyce Grant.” —City Parent, On The Bookshelf

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