Saturday September 14
Mohawk College Stage

Just as Sanaa Lathan’s character would ask the rappers whom she interviewed in the 2002 movie Brown Sugar, LTtheMonk, originally from London, England, describes first falling in love with hip-hop when he was 8 years old. After hearing classic hip-hop album releases from the era such as ‘The College Dropout’, ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and ‘The Documentary’, LTtheMonk knew that he had to find out properly what this music was. Combining this with an interest in reggae, shown to him at an early age by his Jamaican mother, and rock music via his Irish father, and his discovery of Michael Jackson at the same time, LT’s love of music and performing on stage grew throughout the years, culminating in the release of his first EP at age 17. Currently residing in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where he performs live with his band featuring Santiago Rozo, Cam Watson & Lucas Hibbs, LTtheMonk paints a picture of being London made and East-Coast trained, paying homage to his home city as well as the New York MCs who were his inspiration to begin rapping after his first discovery of hip-hop. LT’s new album Kinks, Drinks & Hip-Hop is available now on all digital streaming platforms.

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