Pantone Colour Institute x United Way Canada

United Way Canada and the Pantone Colour Institute have joined forces to create Unignorable, a new colour specifically designed to highlight societal issues impacting Canadians and encouraging community action to address them. The colour, a friendly and engaging orange coral that stops viewers in their tracks, demands attention to the issues it represents and with its high physicality, induces us to act. It is part of a national campaign to help make local issues unignorable. The aptly named light-and-haze installation Unignorable, created in collaboration with creative agency TAXI, debuted at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche 2018. It aims to prompt individuals to engage with underacknowledged issues and undertake difficult conversations within their communities. The installation, like its namesake colour, is meant to represent the social ills and the continuous work the United Way and its various member agencies and community partners do to mitigate these issues.

Supercrawl Insiders