Royal Botanical Gardens

Since nature is around us at all times, stop by the Royal Botanical Gardens booth and tell staff a story your favourite plant, bird, bug, mammal, fish, reptile or amphibian story! There is so much to love about the natural world, so come celebrate its wonders with us as you journey through Supercrawl!

Trees, bugs, birds, shrubs. Fur, scales, branches, tails! Getting your feet on the trails and your eyes on the skies can reward the soul beyond your wildest imagination. Royal Botanical Gardens is an advocate for outdoor experiences, providing the region with the opportunity to get out and explore. Thousands of acres of forests, meadows, gardens, wetlands and fields, coupled with staff and programs are geared to getting you outside.  Join RBG in connecting with their heritage one leaf, one rock, one feather, one day at a time!

Supercrawl Insiders