sean procyk

sean procyk’s Macro dose is a psychoactive installation where giant mushrooms fruit from discarded mattresses. These bioluminescent fungal forms tower over spectators, emanating sonic vibrations at the threshold of human perception. This surreal encounter may induce wonder, general concern and/or amusement. While creating the work the artist was thinking about processes of migration, displacement, infestation and colonization.

The artist’s practice focuses on creating immersive public engagements through site-specific installation, architecture and community workshops. Each project responds to its regional context, with a particular focus on the relationships that exist between landscape, community and ecology. His work explores processes of ecological succession, land-based disturbance, human alienation and collective action. He works primarily with found, reclaimed and natural materials.

sean procyk is an artist and playground designer. His home and interactive studio are located in Hamilton, ON. His works have been exhibited at Hamilton Artists Inc., Latitude 53, Stride Contemporary Art Gallery, Elemental Festival, Convergence Conference on Art and Technology in Banff and Nuit Blanche Toronto.

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