St Marie φ Walker

St Marie φ Walker’s When you think of me… draws attention to the social and psychological forces that construct our sense of self. The qualities that we choose to define us also conceal many of our vulnerabilities, contradictions, and insecurities. The rise of a virtual dimension and its carefully curated profiles and threads more easily house our constructed self, but also the internalized conflicts of human nature.

St Marie φ Walker — Denise St Marie and Timothy Walker — are a collaborative dyad. Their collective work is primarily influenced by debate and dialogue on topics in philosophy and psychology. Together they investigate the terms and conditions of human perception in order to evaluate how belief systems manifest. The pair met in London, ON in 2005 where they were both developing their own artistic practice. Since then they have installed work in Japan, China and different parts of North America, including Las Vegas, Chicago, Detroit, Victoria, the Canadian Prairies, the Niagara Region, Windsor, London, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. They have signed past work with the pseudonym TIMEANDDESIRE. Initially working in Print-based Art Intervention, they have since grown to include Social Practice and New Genre Public Art. Combined they have acquired these interesting acronyms: BFA, BEd., MFA; BA (Phil.), MFA. They have been shown in various galleries and outdoor exhibitions and have received numerous grants both independently and jointly, which they have used to deliver quality experiences for other humans. Some venues include: CAFKA, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto, the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Art Mûr, Art Souterrain (Montreal), Markham Museum, the Art Gallery of Windsor, Art Gallery of Waterloo, Thames Art Gallery, Malaspina Printmakers (Vancouver) and Idea Exchange (Cambridge). They were also highlighted in CBC’s Artist series This Artworks! In 201, St Marie φ Walker travelled to New York on the Keith & Win Shantz International Fellowship. In 2018 they were dually awarded the Governor General’s Gold Medal in Fine Art for their achievements at the University of Waterloo. They are currently based out of the Tri-Cities area Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo.

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