Clear Eyes Collective is a group of creative individuals with a main objective of bringing artistic beauty to every corner of the community through painting murals. As a group we find inspiration in each other and the city that we live in. Common themes in our work include various elements of nature, pop/street culture and an animated style that is coloured with psychedelic overtones. The artists of CEC have but one goal: to integrate the mysterious power of art into the plain urban cityscape which is generally absent of colour and creativity. The street artist roams through the city streets, not as a bystander, but bearing the torch of beauty and colour, transforming regular cement and brick buildings into a gallery. Clear Eyes Collective hope to do what they love and open communities to the idea of using art to bring people together. Clear Eyes Collective will be creating a visual environment for the ticketed Skytop Concert Series, Sept 24-27, 2020 atop York Boulevard Parkade.

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