The Exchange

The Exchange: Explorations of Intergenerational Storytelling through Fashion is a project by Centre3, funded by New Horizons for Seniors

With Love Lingerie

Proudly made in Canada since 2010, With Love Lingerie creates collections that appeal to an urban woman whose love of timeless style and fashion extends beyond her outerwear and into her underpinnings. The designs are influenced by current fashion trends and fuse them with elegant lingerie styles to create exciting pieces with each capsule collection.

Supercrawl Drag Xtravaganza

Hosted by the fierce and fabulous Sapphyre Poison, Supercrawl Drag Xtravaganza will take place in back-to-back shows, showcasing some of southwestern Ontario’s best drag performers mixed with new up-and-coming talent.

Tout Sweet Vintage

Tout Sweet Vintage’s carefully curated pieces offer vintage flair for the modern wardrobe.


This comfortable, elegant and timeless clothing line was inspired by a desire to repurpose high-quality, vibrantly-coloured, vintage silk South Asian saris. sariKNOTsari is guided by the slow fashion movement. They aim to inspire you to buy less and wear more. By doing so, you love every piece you own and reduce your impact on the planet. Products are curated to ensure that everything is ethically sourced and well made. Most products are upcycled including the sariKNOTsari Up-cycled Vintage collection, reducing the amount of product going into landfills.

The Thrifty Designer

As a society, we so easily throw away clothing instead of considering how we might rejuvenate them. Hamilton-based The Thrifty Designer aims to reuse, recycle, repurpose, and repair quality used ladies and mens clothing — reviving finds by adding trim, lace, leather and fur, giving them new life.​

With a career in the fashion industry spanning over 30 years, as a fashion designer and product developer, Leslie Smith-Aragona has developed a love for, well-fitting, well-constructed garments made from high quality fabrications. The THRIFTY DESIGNER seasonal collections feature original, upcycled and repurposed designs using an array of textiles to tell a story. As well, Leslie designs and makes many current fashion pieces for the store using previously loved items such as scarves, kilts, sweaters, ties and forgotten fabrics. The seasonal collection exclusively designed for the runway, showing Leslie’s creative talent, attention to detail and years of experience.


Influenced by theatre and alternative style, Shedo balances different elements from dark & whimsical to modern, romantic and androgynous.

The Eye of Faith

A multidisciplinary brand founded on the eve of 11/11/11; co-founders Paul Heaton and Aaron Duarte strive to bring the best of the {past} to the {present} to shape the {future}. Starting with their vintage style blog, their musings quickly began reaching the far ends of the globe, and the duo began selling high quality style-wise vintage finds online. Their unique brand has since been featured on Refinery29, TorontoLife Magazine, The Hamilton Spectator, and more! Their vintage has been featured on the backs of international artists, members of Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List, and purchased by major fashion houses such as Yves Saint-Laurent and Marc Jacobs. After several years in the vintage world, the two embarked on a new voyage into the world of fashion design. Inspired by their work with vintage clothing, and the many unique pieces that went through their hands, the pair delve into the plethora of inspiration they have gathered over the years to create unique, one of a kind, handmade pieces that are sure to turn heads and keep your style game ahead of the pack. 

Supercrawl Insiders