Amici Brand

Founded in 2022, Amici is a luxury big and tall menswear company created in response to the lack of well-fitting, high quality clothing for men of large stature. The company holds a distinct niche in the market, as it is a dedicated big and tall clothing provider.

Ark Collective

Ark Collective is a Black-owned retail storefront focused on promoting BIPOC businesses. The company’s vision is to highlight and create exposure for BIPOC businesses, promoting entrepreneurship at every level for these businesses and providing a place for them to showcase their brands. Ark Collective’s products are sourced from a wide variety of BIPOC businesses, most being small to medium sized businesses. This seasonal collection will showcase an array of fashion designs from the vendors within the collective, embracing and celebrating a rich culture and heritage. From activewear to daytime and nighttime looks, expect something for everyone.

Blackbird Studios  

Blackbird Studios is a women’s designer clothing and accessories brand, headed by Hamilton, Ontario designers Kerry Wade and Lynn Bebee, who have been part of Canada’s burgeoning fashion, arts and culture scene for the past 2 decades. and their creative team. Once an iconic James North clothing shop, they have since evolved beyond the neighbourhood and their made-in-Hamilton one-of a kind pieces and short-run collections can now be found  in a retail outlet at at CF Lime Ridge Mall.  Many of the Blackbird Studios fabrics are exclusive to the label. Digital and screen prints are inspired by the designer’s imagination.


Domenication is a vintage-inspired clothing line created by Domenica Di Pietro in Hamilton, Ontario. After receiving her Associates of Art Degree in Fashion at Brooks Academy of Design in California, Domenica has spent over 20 years in the industry creating a form of art through her creations. “My love for vintage is always incorporated in the collection [Domenication] in some form,” says Di Pietro. “All pieces are constructed and created directly from myself with focus on details and craftsmanship.”

Dope Chief  

One of Hamilton’s most restless and colourful creative entities, Dope Chief is an illustrator, sculptor, painter and creator of custom art work who has ventured into many different art forms — from silk screen printing, clothing designs, and custom shoes to tattoos (both drawing and inking). His passion is art and creating contemporary works that draws inspiration from popular culture.

The Eye Of Faith  

A multidisciplinary brand founded on the eve of 11/11/11; co-founders Paul Heaton and Aaron Duarte strive to bring the best of the {past} to the {present} to shape the {future}. Starting with their vintage style blog, their musings quickly began reaching the far ends of the globe, and the duo began selling high quality style-wise vintage finds online. Their unique brand has since been featured on Refinery29, TorontoLife Magazine, The Hamilton Spectator, and more! Their vintage has been featured on the backs of international artists, members of Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List, and purchased by major fashion houses such as Yves Saint-Laurent and Marc Jacobs. After several years in the vintage world, the two embarked on a new voyage into the world of fashion design. Inspired by their work with vintage clothing, and the many unique pieces that went through their hands, the pair tap inspirations they have gathered over the years to create one of a kind, handmade pieces that are sure to turn heads and keep your style game ahead of the pack.

HeyHey & Co.  

HeyHey & Co. is a Hamilton-based dancewear company for women and children. They strive to promote confidence and self-love with our variety of styles for any body shape and size. The company’s clothing is handmade on-site in their studio at The Cotton Factory to ensure high quality, comfort and the best fit for you. They also offer custom designs and a large variety of fabrics to choose from for you to showcase and create your own unique style. HeyHey & Co.’s seasonal collection will be showcasing dance wear of different varieties for women and children. It will include pole dance and dance outfits for adults, as well as gymnastic leotards and sets for children. Other items such as yoga and casual wear and accessories will also be shown., with a variety of fabrics to compliment each style.


Born out of a love for fashion, sustainability, comfort, and wanting to create something rooted in Hamiltons culture, MENTA clothing features diverse essentials with earthy colours that can be mixed and matched with any outfit. Established in 2020, MENTA hopes to become a premier fashion brand not just for Hamilton, but for all of Canada. MENTA showcases essentials clothing, born in Hamilton and made in Toronto,  using only the finest fabrics that are TENCEL and/or OEKO-TEX certified, made of small-batch and 100% biodegradable materials.

True Hamiltonian  

Created by Max Francis, True Hamiltonian’s brand is built on casual garments anchored in Hamilton history, unvarnished civic personality, and industrial iconography.  At Supercrawl, TH will present a Rock  ’n’ Roll runway show with help from Glasshammer Tattoo.


This comfortable, elegant and timeless clothing line was inspired by a desire to repurpose high-quality, vibrantly-coloured, vintage pure silk South Asian saris. Participate in a clothing movement that celebrates the fabrics of India, extending their life and putting sustainability first. SariKNOTsari is guided by the slow fashion movement. They aim to inspire you to buy less and wear more. By doing so, you love every piece you own and reduce your impact on the planet. sariKNOTsari’s products are curated to ensure that everything is ethically sourced and well-made. Owner-designer Priya Mohan believes that fashion should be about real women. “Real women have bodies that are supposed to change shape over time. Real women should feel comfortable in their clothes. Real women should have the opportunity to make clothing choices that support the planet while making them feel beautiful.” Priya wants to encourage ladies to re-think their wardrobes. “Forget what the fashion industry says you should want and start shopping for what you actually love and for what will always fit you.”

Sapphyre Poison Drag Xtravaganza  

Hosted by the fierce and fabulous Sapphyre Poison, Supercrawl Drag Xtravaganza will take place in back-to-back shows as well as a special matinee encore, showcasing some of southwestern Ontario’s best drag performers mixed with new up-and-coming talent.

Steel City Slither 

Founded by Eshe, a dance teller and creative being based in Hamilton, Steel City Slither is a dance company that blends waving, waacking, bellydance and voguing and debuted at last year’s Supercrawl. This season, SCC brings Trashion Fashion to the festival runway. This immersive dance and theatre experience will use garbage bags and electrical tape will showcase fashion garments to capture the imagination and explore questions like:  What is fashion? Who gets to decide what is flattering? What is style? What is confidence?  The show is part runway and part performance art, but always affirming and uplifting.

Theatrix Costume House

Established in 1965, Theatrix Costume House has more than 50,000 rental costumes of men’s, women’s and children apparel, including specialized costumes from over 30 Broadway productions. Be it a single garment item or clothing for a cast of hundreds, Theatrix serves the theatre, film and television industries and corporate professionals with precision to detail and competitive pricing. Their 5000 square foot atelier I Hamilton combined with a dedicated and enthusiastic staff of top costume designers and expert craftspeople, sets them apart from any other production house in the country. At Supercrawl, Theatrix will showcase colour through the eras — a look at how a selected colour has evolved in design  and construction, a look at how color has transformed through time. Costumes will speak to history, social class, colour and unique expression.   

The Thrifty Designer

With a career in the fashion industry spanning over 35 years, as a fashion designer and product developer, Leslie Smith has developed a love for, well-fitting, well-constructed garments made from high quality fabrications. As The Thrifty Designer, Smith’s seasonal collections feature original, upcycled and repurposed designs using an array of textiles to tell a story.  This seasonal collection will feature beautifully constructed feminine garments from rescued and forgotten fabrics that will tell a story both through colour and styling. An array of luxury fabrication, burnout velvets, lace and metallics all sourced and collected for months from thrifting and collecting though  various sources. Styling will be focused on items that I’ve created in my brand such as kimonos, flowy dresses and separates.

Supercrawl Insiders