Fri Sept 8 • 6pm – 1am
Sat Sept 9 • 12pm – 1am
Sun Sept 10 • 12pm – 8pm


Since 2012, Supercrawl has secured a free market space for the handmade craft vendors who normally participate in James North’s monthly gallery crawl. These vendors are unable to participate in the same way during Supercrawl because of the extensive and rigorous advance planning that makes Supercrawl possible, plans that must be reviewed and approved by emergency services and municipal personnel months in advance of the festival. All elements of Supercrawl are carefully mapped out in order to accommodate large crowds, ensure public safety protocols are followed, and meet stringent insurance requirements.

As an option for those unable to obtain an on-street tent as part of the festival’s annual Call for Vendors, Supercrawl provides a free outdoor space near the heart of the festival for artists, craftspeople, and artisans. Supercrawl provides this space not just on the festival’s Friday night, but on Saturday and Sunday as well — offering makers and creatives far greater exposure than at any other time of the year. This area is called the Supermarket. Thanks to the generosity of the private property’s owners, the tenth edition of the Supermarket will be located at 108 James St. N. at Vine St. (aka the Tivoli Lot). Roughly 50 seven-foot vendor spaces will be available daily at this site, free of charge, Sept 8-10 2023 during Supercrawl.


The location for the 2023 Supermarket area will be the Tivoli Lot at 108-110 James St. N., Hamilton, ON L8R 2K7. It is important that vendors understand that they will not be allowed to set up anywhere within the street enclosure and sidewalks during the Sept 8-10, 2023 festival weekend — only within the marked perimeter of the Supermarket. 

Admission to this area is first-come, first-served.

Supermarket vendor space is limited and has a fixed cap. Once a day’s available space has been claimed, no additional vendors will be granted entry until the following day.

Open to handmade craft vendors only. No pre-packaged or commercial objects permitted. No businesses, service agencies, marketing agencies or other such organizations.

Vendor identification and on-site registration is required in order to participate.

Each Supermarket vendor may bring:

• One (1) table, no more than six feet long, and a maximum of two (2) chairs or stools.

• No tents, pergolas, or patio/beach umbrellas will be permitted. 

• No shelves or racks permitted other than tabletop displays. Vendors may not use surrounding walls or fencing to display wares. 

• No electrical service will be provided. No generators will be permitted. Portable power banks are allowed. 

• No amplified music or amplified speech will be permitted.

• No food/drink products, marijuana/CBD products, weapons, or illegal items will be permitted.

• No smoking or vaping permitted onsite.

• No proselytizing of a religious or political nature will be permitted within the Supermarket or the wider festival corridor.

No marketing of third party events/businesses is permitted.

• No fundraising activities, charitable or otherwise, permitted within the Supermarket or the wider festival corridor.

Vendors may not pre-reserve spots, whether in advance of the event or on the day of the event.

Vendors may not occupy multiple spaces, adjoining or otherwise. In order to accommodate the maximum number of participants, Supermarket vendors’ spaces are approximately 7 feet square. All vendors are asked to respect these limits in the interests of fairness to others. The site may be densely populated; please be respectful of other vendors during load-in and load out.

Daily Supermarket vendor access will be granted at James and Vine only. There is no access permitted from Hughson. No vehicles will be allowed within the street enclosure at any point — all wares must be trolleyed in and out by hand. There is cheap and abundant parking off James & Vine, located within a short walk of the Supermarket.

In order to obtain access to the Supermarket, all vendors must present security personnel with government-issued photo ID or provide proof of address and phone number. They must also record the nature of the goods they are selling. This is a pre-condition for entry and allows Supercrawl Productions to insure this area at their expense so that the Supermarket can take place.

All eligible vendors must be wristbanded upon entry, and all wristbands require photo ID and sign-in; they will not be given out to vendors for secondary table staff. Only individuals wearing a given day’s wristband will be allowed to sell in the Supermarket. All wristbands are valid for a single day, available same-day and only at opening. Wristbands must be worn during Supermarket hours. Individuals attempting to sell within the Supermarket without a wristband will be asked to leave and remove their wares.

Vendors must remove their table, chair(s) and wares at Supermarket close each day and load in and out through James and Vine only. There is no access permitted from Hughson.

Any items left unattended or onsite overnight will be considered forfeit and be removed.

No overnight vendor camping will be permitted.  No load-in earlier than three hours before the start of Supermarket hours.   

• No vendor vehicles will be allowed within the festival’s street enclosure.

Supermarket vendors will only be permitted to operate within the Supermarket site. They may not sell on adjacent streets or sidewalks. Because of rigorous crowd flow and emergency access requirements, unauthorized vendors will not be permitted to display and/or vend their wares within the festival enclosure. Unauthorized vendors will not be permitted to set up anywhere within the street closure and sidewalk during Sept 8-10, 2023 other than the Supermarket area.

There are no washroom facilities onsite. Portolets are located two blocks north of the Supermarket (at James and Rebecca).

• In accordance with City by-laws, event approvals and clearances granted by police, fire, EMS and City officials as well as terms of coverage from event insurers, only authorized vendors will be permitted to sell within the Supercrawl street enclosure. All unapproved vendors operating within the event corridor will be asked to leave the festival grounds and, if necessary, removed from the festival area. Our top priority is making Supercrawl a safe, accessible event for everyone.

Supercrawl Productions is not liable for any items damaged, lost or stolen.

• Violation of any of the above terms and conditions will constitute grounds for removal from the festival. 

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