Supercrawl Presents Free Livestream Series August-September

=Supercrawl announces a special free livestream series in downtown Hamilton, supported by sponsor TD Bank Group (TD). Taking place August through September, the concert dates will showcase marquee talents in an intimate performance series, limited to just 50 attendees per event, selected by lottery, in a physically distanced seating plan inside the new Bridgeworks event space (200 Caroline St. N. at Barton St. W.). The events will also be livestreamed for those unable to attend, and available to watch on-demand for 48 hours after the concert has concluded, with lottery drawn from livestream ticket holders.

Dates in the series lineup announced today are as follows:

All streaming concerts will begin at 7pm EST.

Livestream tickets will be available as of 10am EST Friday July 23 through Eventbrite.

Additional Supercrawl-presented events will be announced in the weeks ahead.

Events subject to change or postponement if mandated by public health authorities.

Supercrawl Presents Dizzy Fri Oct 22

Supercrawl Presents

Friday, October 22, 2021 
Tickets: $17.50 (+SC/HST) adv. • 19+



On their 2018 debut album Baby Teeth, Dizzy offered up a batch of lucidly detailed coming-of-age songs, a real-time reflection on the minor tragedies and major disappointments of post-adolescence. As their dream-pop opus drew global acclaim (and won Best Alternative Album at the 2019 JUNO Awards), the Oshawa, Ontario-based band found that their finely wrought outpouring had built a powerful bond with their fans — a contingent that frontwoman Katie Munshaw refers to as “our little heartbreak club.” Joined by the trio of brothers who make up the rest of Dizzy — drummer Charlie Spencer and his siblings Alex (guitar) and Mackenzie (bass) — Munshaw soon set to work on an album exploring an even more tangled landscape of feelings.

“Baby Teeth was all about the confusion and sadness of my late teens, but this one is more about the qualities about myself that I’m not very proud of,” says Munshaw of Dizzy’s self-produced sophomore effort, The Sun and Her Scorch, to that end, the album’s title serves as a metaphor for the quietly damaging effects of those qualities, both on Munshaw herself and on those in her orbit. “I wanted to be completely honest about the things nobody ever wants to admit, like being jealous of your friends or pushing away the people who love you,” she says. “So instead of being about romantic heartbreak, it’s really about self-heartbreak.”

An album infinitely brightened by Dizzy’s heavenly melodies, The Sun and Her Scorch brings its truth-telling to confessions of insecurity and resentment and fear of failure. On the beautifully breezy lead single “Sunflower,” Munshaw drifts between self-loathing and tender self-talk, her lyrics alternately telegraphing raw sensitivity and sweetly self-deprecating humour (e.g., “I wanna hear the sound/Of what a broken heart does/When I fling it to the ground”). With its heart-on-sleeve storytelling, the languid and lovely “Roman Candles” returns to one of Dizzy’s most enduring themes: the unending restlessness of suburban living. (“‘Roman Candles’ is me crooning about my friends who moved away while I’m still living in my mom’s house, and wondering if I’ve made the right decisions in my life,” says Munshaw.) And on “The Magician,” Dizzy performs a sort of delicate alchemy, transforming a story of tragedy into an ineffably joyful and danceable track. “It’s about a friend of mine who passed away and wishing I could magically bring her back, however naïve that is,” Munshaw explains.

On both Baby Teeth and The Sun and Her Scorch, Dizzy instil their songs with a warm and open-hearted sincerity, an extension of the gentle camaraderie within the band itself. Though they formed in 2015, Dizzy’s origins lie in the longtime friendship between Munshaw and Charlie, who met in ninth-grade math class and later sang together in the school choir. Upon graduating high school, the two decided to sidestep the university path and start a band, enlisting Mackenzie and Alex and getting their start gigging in local bars. After playing one of their very first shows in Toronto, Dizzy landed a deal with Royal Mountain Records, then released Baby Teeth in August 2018. Along with winning their Juno Award, the band found Baby Teeth included on the 2019 Polaris Music Prize Long List and praised by such taste-making outlets as Stereogum, Earmilk, and The Line of Best Fit.

In bringing The Sun and Her Scorch to life, Dizzy tapped into their increased sense of closeness and confidence, an element that Munshaw attributes to their frequent touring over the past few years (including stints opening for artists like Death Cab for Cutie, Oh Wonder, Tokyo Police Club, and U.S. Girls). Describing the process as “totally challenging and completely rewarding,” the band took an entirely self-directed approach to every aspect of the album’s creation, introducing a more kinetic energy into their sound through their lavish use of live instrumentation. “We wanted to take the reins and make sure that what we ended up putting out was exactly what we envisioned,” says Munshaw, noting that Charlie played a vital role in the album’s production. Recorded partly at Mechanicland Studios — and in Munshaw’s mother’s basement — The Sun and Her Scorch also unfolds in subtle sonic details that speak to the playful spontaneity at the heart of their artistry. (In the making of “Sunflower,” for instance, Dizzy incorporated a voice-memo recording of a choir performing at a local rec center during Munshaw’s sister’s volleyball practice.)

In all of their output, Dizzy reveal a rare willingness to expose their messiest emotions, as well as an incredible power to turn that self-revelation into songs primed for singing along. “With the new album especially, I’m saying things I wouldn’t ever say to anyone out loud, and now I’m going to be singing them in front of hundreds of people,” says Munshaw. “I think the main thing I’d like people to take away is the idea that everybody probably has these negative thoughts about themselves sometimes, but it’s okay — you’re really not that bad. And if there’s an underlying philosophy to our band, it’s to be confident and believe in yourself no matter what.”

Supercrawl Presents The Franklin Electric Tue Nov 30

Supercrawl Presents

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 
Tickets: $19.99 (+SC/HST) adv. • 19+



Life happens, and it lives on in music. As such, The Franklin Electric reflect formative personal moments on a canvas of indie, folk, and alternative. The Montreal-based collective founded and fronted by Jon Matte transforms experiences into anthems and has done so since emerging on the 2014 debut, This Is How I Let You Down. Logging nearly 400 shows, they canvased the world alongside everyone from Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard to Edward Sharpe, City and Colour an Half Moon Run. Along the way, 2017’s Blue Ceilings marked a major milestone. Not only did the record produce favourites such as “I Know The Feeling” and “Someone Just Like You,” but it also led to a nomination at the 2018 JUNO® awards in the category of Breakthrough Group of the Year. The latter experience set the stage for his next evolution. In Vancouver for the ceremony, Jon identified an endless wellspring of inspiration from the mountains and landscapes of the Canadian West Coast. So, he holed up in Vancouver to write what would become the 2019 EP, In Your Head (Nettwerk)— and more forthcoming tunes. During 2019, he took those ideas and images to several Vancouver studios and cut the five tracks comprising In Your Head. As a producer, Jon added electronics and programming from his home studio. Given the personal nature of his journey, he tried to translate normal and honest everyday feelings to his songwriting.


Supercrawl Presents The Zolas Fri Nov 12

Supercrawl Presents

Friday, November 12, 2021 
Tickets: $19.99 (+SC/HST) adv. • 19+



One of Vancouver’s most prominent, and genre-bending bands, The Zolas, announces their upcoming Canadian tour “Come Back To Life”, which includes a stop at Hamilton’s Bridgeworks, presented by Supercrawl. The tour is named after their upcoming album Come Back To Life, which is set for release on July 16, 2021 via Light Organ Records.

Written and recorded in BC, the new album is fuelled by ’90s-era British rock / pop vibes, and infused with stories that touch on the personal to political. It’s also a testament to their creative output and consistent drive for a new, fresh and forward facing sound. With provinces (and venues) opening up, and the appetite for live music through the roof — the band is more than eager to get back on the road and showcase their new tunes.

“When we had to delay touring for a year nobody knew how performing this album would feel in a post-pandemic world,” says frontman Zachary Gray. “But, as it turns out, songs about suddenly realizing that your whole world is built on a foundation of genocide, fantasizing about buying a one-way ticket somewhere and disappearing, feeling the climate apocalypse at our doorstep, getting bodied out of your city by a real estate bubble, long term relationship angst, waking up to the violence of global inequality, and falling in love with someone incredible have aged pretty well.”

In 2016, The Zolas released their Juno-nominated, and critically acclaimed breakthrough LP Swooner. The follow up – featuring a new direction for the band – was planned for 2020 Yet, like with so many of their contemporaries, COVID-19 led The Zolas to pivot and instead they launched a new campaign they dubbed “Z Days” which promised fans a new single on the second of each month. True to their word, the band shared five singles last year. The series kicked off in June with “Energy Czar” which was followed by July’s “Come Back To Life” and “Ultramarine” in August. September saw the band unveil “Wreck Beach/Totem Park.” and October’s “I Feel The Transition” entered the US Submodern chart at #22, and was added to rotation at several stations across Canada.

From the far-flung shores of British Columbia and two decades too late for the cover of Select magazine, The Zolas prove with Come Back to Life that you can take a step back to move forward.

“In our jam space we started fucking around with this nostalgic vibe: like a warped memory of the Britpop music we obsessed over as kids but never got to make,” says Gray. “Eventually it seemed obvious we had to follow that feeling and make an album of it. I had just come off a long period of writing pop music for other people [including “L.A. Hallucinations” from Carly Rae Jepsen’s critically acclaimed album Emotion] and a co-writing trip in Europe [with artists such as Starsailor’s James Walsh] and it was a spiritual thing to be in a dank room playing loud with our band again.”

Gray describes Come Back to Life as a collision between the soundtracks for Danny Boyle’s culture-jamming Trainspotting and Baz Luhrmann’s radical re-imagining of Romeo + Juliet. “This is the 21st century heir to those soundtracks,” he declares. But for all the swaggeringly self-confident vocals and soaring wonderwall guitars on epics like “Yung Dicaprio” and “Miles Away”, the Zolas aimed for more than carbon copying a classic sound.

“There’s so many sounds we love that came out of the mid-’90s UK: britpop and acid-house and trip-hop, all carrying on in parallel scenes. If felt right to cross-pollinate this album with all of that,” Gray says. “So we’d write simple songs in our jam space and then steal sounds from the Prodigy or Primal Scream or the Happy Mondays or Tricky whenever it felt good.”

While Come Back to Life is an unrepentantly joyful sonic love letter to a magical time, the Zolas aren’t afraid to get serious on the lyrical side of things. the album touches on everything from waking up to Canada’s appalling treatment of its First Nations (“Wreck Beach/Totem Park”) to global wealth disparity (“I Feel the Transition”) to artists being priced out of the cities they’ve helped make great (“Bombs Away”). Consider, then, Come Back to Life being inspired by the past on multiple levels, quite rightly making the Zolas thrilled about the band’s future.

This is a 19+ event. Valid government issued photo ID is required.

Door time, set times, and event schedule subject to change.

Properly fitted face masks are required.

Event subject to change in response to regional and provincial public health guidelines.

Supercrawl Presents Five Alarm Funk Sat Nov 6

Supercrawl Presents

Saturday, November 6, 2021 
Tickets: $24.99 (+SC/HST) adv. • 19+


Five Alarm Funk is a horn-powered, percussion-fuelled sonic and visual assault. Over 17 years of hard funking, the band has burned up stages on four continents, released six studio albums and received two Juno nominations. And this ride isn’t about to slow down. Five Alarm Funk released its seventh studio album, Big Smoke, in 2020. The 11 tracks get right to the roots of what Five Alarm Funk is all about: epic, intense arrangements, heavy groove and a ton of fun.

As drummer, vocalist, and band leader Tayo Branston puts it, “Big Smoke is the tightest, funkiest and most energized album we’ve ever created, it’s the culmination of 17 years of creating, recording and performing together. We call it Punk Funk – it’s got the punch of heavy hitting dance music with the energy of a ruckus live concert.”

The album features two collaborations, the first with the legendary Bootsy Collins delivering hook-laden, funktastic vocals over a heavy swung groove on “We Play The Funk.”

“I’ve been a Bootsy Collins fan ever since I was 15,” Branston marvels. “That track we made with him is one of the funkiest things we’ve ever cut.” Next, bari sax phenom Leo P of Too Many Zooz lays down his trademark squawks and melodic squeals for “Wake the Funk Up,” a supremely syncopated, chromatic laden jam. That collaboration emerged out of a jam session with Too Many Zooz in front of thousands at the Winnipeg Folk Fetsival and turned into a string of concerts with Leo P joining Five Alarm Funk on stage.

For all the honing their studio craft, the Five Alarm Funk’s epic live show is still what defines the band. The sweat-drenched concerts are infused with an intense spirit of fun that breaks down barriers between band and audience and moves both into a manic dance party. Wild costumes, props, and choreography compliment the seriously tight arrangements and genre-mashing grooves. As Vancouver’s Georgia Straight put it, “I lost control and went on a dance rampage… You guys blew my mind and body.”

That live show has taken Five Alarm Funk on dozens of North American coast to coast tours, performing at over 100 festivals in the last three years alone. The band has also begun to break ground abroad, with performances in Taiwan, Mexico, and a performance for international peacekeeping forces in Mali. Five Alarm Funk plans to keep the momentum going in 2021 with another busy summer of festivals and the band’s first European tour.

This is a 19+ event. Valid government issued photo ID is required.

Door time, set times, and event schedule subject to change.

Properly fitted face masks are required.

Event subject to change in response to regional and provincial public health guidelines.

Supercrawl Presents Serena Ryder Fri Nov 19

Supercrawl Presents

Friday, November 19, 2021 | 7pm show
Livestream Tickets: $19.99 (+SC) adv. • All-Ages



Join us as Serena Ryder discusses her mental wellness journey that led to the creation of her latest recording The Art of Falling Apart and performs a few select pieces from the album and some of her hits.

Autographed copies of Serena’s new album, on CD and vinyl LP, are available as special livestream add-ons to this livestream ticket.

The Toronto-based vocal powerhouse is a platinum-selling artist adored by fans, peers and critics alike, in part due to her raw and earnest songwriting, and beautifully electric live performances. She has received numerous accolades, including six JUNO Awards, a MuchMusic Video Award for Best Rock Video for “Stompa”, and a Canadian Screen Award for Achievement in Music–Original Song.

Serena’s upcoming album, The Art of Falling Apart, chronicles her journey from mental illness to wellness. The album was written and recorded over 10 days, and the track listing allows the listener to follow Serena’s creative process in a truly linear sense. Each song was recorded the day it was written, featuring raw, unprocessed vocals.

The album is one piece of a greater movement for Serena as a leader in mental health and wellness. A longtime advocate, Serena has worked with a variety of health and wellness initiatives, including Bell Let’s Talk, WE Day, Unison Benevolent Fund, and in 2018 won the Margaret Trudeau Mental Health Advocacy Award. She has presented her keynote speech (also named The Art of Falling Apart) to audiences across Canada, and will soon release a shortened animated version to grow its impact around the world. Recently, she launched The Art of Wellness — a free mindfulness program for artists and creatives. Combined with the album rollout, these pieces will help position Serena as a leader in both music and mental health.

Concert will be available for ticket holders to view on demand for 48 hours post-show.

Supercrawl Presents Matt Holubowski Fri Feb 11

Supercrawl Presents
with special guest Elliott Maginot

Friday, Feb 11, 2022 | 7pm door, 8pm show
Mills Hardware | 95 King St. E., Hamilton ON

General Admission Tickets: $14.99 (+HST & SC) adv. • 19+


Matt Holubowski‘s career has really taken off since the 2014 release of Old Man, a collection of folk songs inspired by his many trips and experiences around the world. The watershed moment would be the release of Solitudes (Audiogram) two years later. Produced by Connor Seidel, just as the previous and upcoming ones, the album introduced him to a wide audience who discovered his mercurial voice and captivating songs. Matt earned a Gold record for Solitudes as well as two ADISQ nominations. The Solitudes tour that followed the album’s release had him criss-crossing Canada, the United States and Europe, to perform nearly 200 concerts. In the Spring of 2018, he signed with the German label Motor Musik and the French label Yokanta, distributing Solitudes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium. Soon after, he participated in the Printemps de Bourges, toured Europe as support for Ben Folds, and performed in London’s Meltdown Festival at the invitation of The Cure’s Robert Smith. Returning to North America, Matt played summer dates at Bonnaroo, the Festival d’été de Québec, the Regina, Ottawa and Winnipeg folk festivals, and Osheaga, then a fall tour of the eastern US. In early 2019, Matt opened for singer-songwriter Dan Mangan in eastern Canada, a last waltz before retreating to the woods in Banff, Alberta, to write the songs for his new album, Weird Ones (released Feb 21, 2020). Slowly moving away from folk, he explores new sounds and fleshes out his songs’ arrangements in collaboration with his musicians, guitarist Simon Angell, bassist Marc-André Landry, drummer Stéphane Bergeron and cellist/keyboardist Marianne Houle.

A solitary and contemplative soul, Elliot Maginot enjoys exploring new sounds, refining textures, handling words and expanding his orchestrations. In 2013, following the release of his debut EP, Elliot carved out a place for himself on the Montreal music scene as an independent artist, which allowed him to perform throughout Quebec and to be noticed by the Indica record label which offered him his first record contract. His debut, Young / Old / Everything.In.Between, hovers between pop and folk rock left field. The album won him two nominations at the Gala GAMIQ, earned radio rotation at CHOM and CBC music and opened the door to perform in several renowned festivals including the Montreal International Jazz Festival., the Festival d’été de Québec, Le Festi-Voix de Trois-Rivières, Canadian Music Week (Toronto) and Aurores Montréal (Paris). After a 10-country tour, Maginot signed with Audiogram to launch sophomore album Comrades in November 2018. Co-produced with Connor Seidel (Matt Holubowski, Charlotte Cardin), this opus was decidedly more pop, but also more sophisticated and complex in its arrangements with sounds reminiscent of Phil Collins, The War On Drugs and Peter Gabriel. The record received unanimous critical acclaim and produced a chart single in ” Common Place”. In May 2021, Maginot returns with Easy Morning, an essentially acoustic album co-produced with Connor Seidel that combines the soft string arrangement, with warm brass and West African influences.

Supercrawl Lineups: Eleven Years of Awesome Music


Since 2009, Supercrawl has hosted a vibrant range of compelling and contemporary musical talent. Whether through the signature on-street festival weekend, partnered presentations, club series, or ticketed events, Supercrawl consistently showcases the best of local live music alongside national and international artists.

Photograph of Sifu Amayo, lead singer of Antibalas, who performed at Supercrawl 2014

The kaleidoscopic roster of Supercrawl alumni runs into the hundreds and includes A Tribe Called Red, The AcornAllegories, The Altobeelays, Alvvays, Matt Andersen & the Bona Fide, Antibalas, Arkells, Art Pop EnsembleAscot Royals, Astral Witch, Rich Aucoin, AveragesAvrhaBackbiters, Bad Dates, Bahamas, Tim Baker, Adam BaldwinThe Bandicoots, James Barker BandBasement Revolver, Bathing, BB Guns, The Beaches, The Be Sharps, Beef Boys, Beelays, BegoniaBeliefs, Belle GameRidley Bent, The Beverleys, Big Fir, Bile Sister, Bill and the Art Crawlers, Billy Moon, Billy Talent, Everett Bird, Rae Billing & Crybaby, Black Baron, Black Collar UnionBlack Rhino Riot, Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, Blandlord, Blunt Chunks, Bocce,

BonjayKate BoothmanBorn in the Eighties, Born Ruffians, Jessie BowerBowjia, BoyhoodCharles Bradley, Bravestation, Broken Social Scene, BrosThe Bros. Landreth, Brott Opera, Bruce Peninsula, Brusque Twins, Jennifer Budd, Buddah AbusahBasia Bulat, Katie Bulley, Thomas Cade, Cadence Weapon, Ben CaplanCaribou, Carmen on Tap, Carpenteers, Casper Skulls, Jennifer Castle, Catl, Caveboy, Century Palm, Change of Heart, Nuela Charles, Tanika Charles & the Wonderfuls, Evelyn Charlotte-Joe, Chastity, Chelsea Light Moving, Rita Chiarelli, Choir! Choir! Choir!, Choose Up, Chore, City and the Sea, Laura Cole, Comet Control, Command Sisters, The Commissionaires, Cootes ParadiseCoszmos Quartette, Cowlick, Coy Haste,

William Crighton, Cross Dog, The Crowleys, Crrotting, Crystal Journey, Customaries, Aron D’Alesio, Danko JonesThe Danks, Dead Tired, Dear Rouge, Dearly Beloved, Matthew de Zoete, Diamond Rings, The Dill, Dilly Dally. Dinner Belles, Dinosaur Bones, The Diodes, Dirty Frigs, The Dirty Nil, Discography DJs, Dizzy Spells, DJ Basco, DJ Ollie, DJ Spinn, Doldrums, Doobie Freaks, Don Vail, Doomsquad, Dr. Draw, Kevin Drew, Ducats, Dwayne Gretzky, Earth Wind and Choir, Eccodek, Dan EdmondsEgyptrixx, Eight and a Half, Electroluminescent, Elk, EllevatorElliott Brood, Joel Elliot and Thin Lines, Ellis, John Ellison, The Elwins, Emay, Engine Empire, Eschaton, Essen, Etiquette, Julie Fader, Fake Palms, Family of ThingsFast Romantics,

Fateh, Michael Feuerstack, Jeremy Fisher, Jeremy Fisher JuniorFlesh RagNorman Foote, Four Tet, Pete Fowler, The Franklin Electric, Fresh Snow, Danielle Fricke, Friendly Rich, Frog Eyes, Fruiti, Fry Truck, F—-d Up, The Fuddles, Evangeline Gentle, Hannah Georgas, The GertrudesGet Off the CopTim Gibbons, The Goddamn Goddamns, Good Luck Shop, Sarah Good, Great Lake Swimmers, The Great Machine, Jacques Greene, Jeremy Greenspan, JG Ballad, Grey Lands, Greys, Grey\\Water, Groove MachineGUH, Guilty Pleasure, Hachey the Mouthpeace, Jordan HallerHamilton Children Choir, Hamilton Conservatory for the ArtsHamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, Hamilton Suzuki School of Music, Hamilton Youth Steel Orchestra

Handsome Sultan, Haolin Munk, Harlan Pepper, The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, HarrisonHarrow FairRon Hawkins and The Do Good Assassins, Hayden, Piper Hayes, HEALTH, The Heartbroken, Hello HarvardMatt Henderson, The Darcy Hepner Jazz Orchestra, Tim Hicks, The Hidden Cameras, Rebekah Higgs, High Kites, High Note Ramblers, Lacey Hill, Hollerado, Matt Holubowski, Holy DataHow to Dress Well, HSY, Humans, Huren, Ikonica, Illitry, Iskwé, Island PeopleJambassadors, Jamie xx, Jaunt, Jess and Tay, BA Johnston, Jon and Roy, Julianna Jones, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Julie & the Wrong GuysJunior Boys, K’naan, Harrison KennedyThe Kents, Shawn Kerr, Kestrels, kid YEARS, The Killjoys

King ParkKingdom Shore, Taylor Knox, Kode9, Komodo, KROYL-Spex, Joey Landreth, Language Arts, Daniel Lanois, Jessy Lanza, Lava Dolls, Bettye LaVette, Alyssa LeClair, Lee Harvey Osmond, Hamilton Leithauser, Les Trois Accords, Letters to Lions, Terra Lightfoot, Lightmares, LightsLindy, Little Junior, Live How You Live, Lone RhuLonely Parade, Lost In The TreesDJ Donna Lovejoy, Lowell, Sarah Lowes, LTtheMonk, Luckystickz, Luna Li, Corb Lund, Dan Mangan, Shanika Maria, J Mascis, Mayor McCA, Eamon McGrath, McMaster Cybernetic Orchestra, Ryan McNallyThe Marble Index, Melissa Marchese, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar, Matt Mays, Mean Old Hammer, The Medicine Hat, MegativeMelted Faces, METZ

Mexican Slang, Mississippi BendsModern SpaceAriane Moffatt, Mokomakai, Monster Truck, Jacob Moon, Moon King, Motel Raphaël, Motëm, Mother Leads, Mother Tareka & the Rebel Funktion, Mount FarewellMountain of Wolves, Muffled Suitcase, Benjamin Muñoz, My Brightest DiamondMystery Machine, Nailbiter, The National, The National Academy Orchestra of Canada, Nautiluss, nêhiyawak, Sarah Neufeld, New Hands, Willie NileNot Of,Nyssa, Jesse O’BrienOdonis Odonis, Of Gentlemen & Cowards,​ ​​Oh Susanna, Ohbijou, Ohmme, Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, Opera Hamilton, Operators, Lindi Ortega, Osito, The Pack AD, Paley & Francis, Owen Pallett, Pandaléon, Peter Pankhurst, Gabrielle Papillon, Brant Parker, Partner,

Passion Pit, Fred Penner, Paula Perri, Sandro Perri, PersonsPet Sun, Petra Glynt, Pick A Piper, Pineapple GirlsThe PistolettesPlants and Animals, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Poesy, Poor Nameless BoyNeeraj Prem, Kelly PrescottPS I Love You, Pucumber Sasssquatch Family Band, Pumps, Rah Rah, Rarity, ReaderThe Reason, The Recklaws, The Redhill ValleysLee Reed, Repartee, The Rest, Rexford Drive, Amanda Rheaume, Rhythm Express, River Tiber, Sam Roberts Band, Ben Rogers, Neena Rose, Shealagh RoseSean Rowe, Royal Canoe, Royal SeasRules,Run Maggie Run, The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Sadies, Said the Whale, Buffy Sainte-Marie, John K. Samson, Sandman Viper Command, Scattered Clouds,

Scratcha DVA, Sensei, Several Futures, Sha Bang Bang, ShadeSharon and Bram, Andy ShaufAnnie Shaw, The SheepdogsNaomi Shelton and The Gospel Queens, Shout Out Out Out, SIANspheric, Simon and The Alexanders, Mike Simonetti, Simply Saucer, Single Mothers, SINS, SkiffsSkirt Check, Alfie SmithC.A Smith, Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Snowblink, So Young, Ben Somer, The Sorority, John Southworth, Speedy Ortiz, Spoon, Spruce Invaders, Ginger St. James, Alex St. KittsStarsThe Strangers, The Stinkbugs, Steve Strongman,The Strumbellas, The Sugarman 3, Sun K, Suuns, Tomi Swick, Tanya Tagaq, Rory TaillonTarantula X, Teenage Head, Ian ThomasThought Beneath Film, 3:1Timber Timbre, Michelle TitianTo Our Divide,

Tongue Fu, The Trews, Trickbagttwwrrss, TUNS, Turkey Rhubarb, TurnstylezTV Freaks, Jeff TweedyTwin Within, Vallens, Heather Valley, The Vanishers, The Vaudevillian, Vierance, Viet Cong, Voodoo Glow SkullsWalrus, Wax Mannequin, Weaves, Bry Webb, Sam Weber, Weekend Riot Club, White Cowbell Oklahoma, White Crowleys, Whitehorse, Wild Domestic, Steven WilsonThompson Wilson, Wintersleep, Wish, Witherow & Wynands, Womb, Wooly Mantis, ​Donovan Woods, Hawksley Workman, Max WrayWTCHS, X Ambassadors, Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, Lori Yates & the Drugstore Cowboys, Yo La Tengo, Young Galaxy, Young Rival, Yukon Blonde, Zeus, The Zilis, The Zolas, and ZONES.

The list will grow even longer with the reveal of Supercrawl’s 2021 musical lineup in July 2021.


Video shot on location at Supercrawl 2019 by Thrillhouse Studios

TOP TO BOTTOM: Antibalas at Supercrawl 2014;  Arkells at Supercrawl 2014;  Broken Social Scene at Supercrawl 2018; Fateh at Supercrawl 2019; iskwé at Supercrawl 2018; Sharon Jones at Supercrawl 2015; Buffy Sainte-Marie at Supercrawl 2019; The Sorority at Supercrawl 2019; Spoon at Supercrawl 2014;  Tanya Tagaq at Supercrawl 2017; Yo La Tengo at Supercrawl 2013

Supercrawl Spring 2021 Livestream Series Rescheduled

In light of the steady rise in COVID-19 cases, elevated risk associated with variants of concern, and out of abundant caution and care for the health and well-being of artists, staff and the wider community, Supercrawl will be rescheduling its spring livestream series

All previously purchased livestream tickets will be valid for new dates in May and June. We will unveil additional details on the rescoped events shortly, and look forward to producing these events once it is safer for us to do so. 

Watch Supercrawl’s socials in the coming weeks for details on additional 2021 programming!

Supercrawl Insiders